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Clinic of Innovative Medical Solutions

IMS Clinic - affordable and quality health care

We carry out diagnostics and treatment in Moscow according to European and international protocols in accordance with the standards of world evidence-based medicine

Innovative medical clinic solutions

A multidisciplinary medical center, the purpose of which is to provide high-quality medical (diagnostic and treatment) care to patients.

The main motto of our clinic is the saying of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates -

“You need to treat not a disease, but a patient”
Prostate cancer - 4 years after surgery. How did I choose between laparoscopy and a robot
Prostate cancer. Laparoscopic removal of the prostate 5 months ago
kidney cancer. Laparoscopic nephrectomy 16 days ago
Prostate biopsy. How much does it hurt?
Staghorn kidney stone. Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy 10 days ago
BPH. TURP (transurethral resection) 4 years ago
Prostate biopsy. Interview with the patient after 7 days
Prostate cancer. Operation - prostatectomy 1.5 months ago
Prostate biopsy with novocaine blockade
Varicocele. operation Marmara
Malignant renal cyst into kidney cancer. Laparoscopic kidney removal 2 months ago
Only after 3 biopsies revealed prostate cancer
Kidney stone. Percutaneous crushing and stone removal
Prostate cancer with metastases: 8 years of struggle for life


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